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binary options If you love traveling but you don’t like using public transportation as a means of going about the place that you want to explore, then going for a car rental would best fit you. By renting a car, you get the luxury of going by your own schedule. Plus, you won’t have to fall in line just so you can get on board a bus, train, or whatever type of public utility vehicle.

There are surely tons of car rental companies out there but not all of them provide the same quality of services. Based on this fact, you need to be very careful which one you choose. With that, you should take the time to do some ample research online so that you can determine which among the different choices available would be best for you and your budget. Take the time to read reviews from previous customers as well so you can get a good idea about the type and quality of the vehicles that a company provides. Lastly, make sure you take a look at the cost of renting the vehicle that you want to get. Plus, it would be good for you to determine if the rent already includes fuel.

Check out more important details on how to rent a car at classiccarrentalusa.com.

Hiring a car when you are out of town is a convenient and flexible way of getting around. It allows you to move about at your own pace and your schedule. After doing a quick search of the different car rental companies and deciding on the car you want based on your budget, the make, color and so on, it is important to consider a couple of other factors before hiring the car.


While some rental companies such as http://www.carhiremaltagroup.com/ offer fully insured vehicles, several others require that you purchase insurance coverage from the car hire agency. The good news is that your personal auto insurance may extend to rental cars. If you have comprehensive or full coverage, it is almost certain that the insurance covers the rental car because it is considered a replacement vehicle under the policy. Be sure to check with your insurer.

If you pay for the car rental using your credit card, it is also important to check just what auto insurance your credit card offers. Sometimes, the credit card coverage is as good as or even better than your car insurance.

Avoid renting from the airport

If you rent a car from the local counter at the airport terminal, you are more likely to pay higher than if you hire a car outside the airport premises.  This is because the rental car companies are required to pay extra fees for operating from the airport. Where possible, grab a shuttle or public transportation to a non-airport area and rent the car from there. You can pick up a taxi from the airtport, there are a lot of taxi startup companies hungry for new business.

Rental companies charge more for additional and youthful drivers

If you were planning on sharing driving duties, it is prudent that you designate and register just one or two drivers for the duration of the trip to avoid incurring the extra fee that car hire companies to charge for any additional drivers. Remember, that your insurance company (or even the rental agency’s insurance) may not cover any accident or incident in which a driver not on the registration form is involved.

Also, note that drivers under the age of 25 are charged higher by rental companies because of the risk associated with young drivers.

Save on gas

Most car hire companies charge more for petrol than the average service station. Since you are required to return the vehicle at full tank, make a note of the various service stations and how much they charge for gas as you drive away from the car rental agency.  This will make it easier for you to select a cost effective one on the return leg.

Bring your extras

It is more than likely that the car rental company will entice you to hiring extras such as a GPS system or a car radio or a child seat to make the car more comfortable. You can save on the cost of renting extras by bringing your own from home. GPS will not be applicable if you have Google maps. Be sure to have the rental company remove theirs from the car before you drive off the parking lot to avoid billing.

Apart from the above tips, always make sure that you carefully check inside and outside the vehicle for any potential damage before driving out with the vehicle. Look out for any scratches, loose parts, working windows and mirrors and bring them to the attention of the car hire staff to avoid being held liable when you return the vehicle. If possible, take photos or a video as you do a car walk around.

Different types of bicycles

Besides the two wheels, bicycles have evolved to offer a varied collection of bike types that matches the wide range of riding people do. Whether you want to ride a bike to work or you want to fly down a mountain trail, there is a bicycle that is just right for the activity you have in mind. Your choice of bike should depend on your interests, needs, and the kind of distance and terrain you’ll cover. The different types of bicycles have distinct variations which are available at hubmalta.com/bike-rental-shop/. So what are the different bike types and their characteristics?

Road Bikes

As the name implies, these bikes are meant to be ridden fast on paved streets. Their identifying marks are smooth, skinny tires and dropped handlebars that curved downward. Together with a lightweight frame, road bikes are meant to eat up the miles by reaching maximum speed with minimum effort. Being lighter than other types of bicycles, a road bike can cover more ground swiftly but is uncomfortable and unstable on unpaved roads by transmitting plenty of road vibration to the rider. Its riding position of bending over at the waist may also strain your back if you are less flexible.

Mountain Bikes

If you want a bike that can get dirty and take a beating, then you may want to take a look at a mountain bike. These bikes have first-rate suspension systems and powerful brakes for navigating unforgiving mountain trails. They have wide, flat handlebars and fat, knobby tires to increase traction with the rough terrain. Mountain bikes are also popular as urban transport because of their upright riding position and more stable ride though you may be paying more for features that you don’t really need. These bikes work best when rolling over roots and rocks, and tearing up the earth.

Hybrid Bikes

In case you want the relaxed riding position of a mountain bike paired with the speediness of a road bike, then a hybrid bike is for you. You can cover great distances while in an upright position so you can enjoy the scenery or scan for traffic. The tires are normally medium-width to provide a tolerably smooth ride on-road, and enough grip and cushion off-road. Some come with suspensions while others do not so look for a bike that is equipped for the type of riding you plan to do. There are also options for luggage mounts, gear racks, lighting systems, fenders, and other accessories.

BMX Bikes

Often characterized as a children’s bike because of its small size, BMX bikes are also used by adults for tricks and stunt riding. Short for “bicycle motocross,” BMX has small wheels and frames, knobby tires, long cranks, upright handlebars with crossbars, rigid frame, one fixed gear, and very low saddles. The low seat position makes it uncomfortable for commutes except for kids who use theirs to get to school and back. The absence of gears also makes climbing hills a challenge. But for racing around obstacle courses and doing jumps and flips, you cannot go wrong with a BMX bike.

Folding Bikes

If you want to take your bike wherever you go, a folding bike can fit easily in a train, in the trunk of a car, or under your desk. The wheels, handlebars and frame can fold in seconds and be easily carried or stashed away. Obviously, it has smaller wheels than a standard bike which makes it less stable and a little trickier to handle. It is also slower and more expensive than a traditional bike with the same specifications, but it is handy if you have limited storage space at home or in the office.


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Rental of Bikes, and Motor Bikes

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Our prices are very robust now and cheaper than ever.  Let’s take an example, if you hire a car, it costs an average of $50 per day + insurance + fuel

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On the other hand if you hire a bike the charge is $10 daily, no insurance and fuel costs. Let’s take another example. Motorbike – once again, the charge is $19 daily, and you can go twice around the island with just $6 of fuel. You add $5 daily for insurance and with $30 a day you have a top quality motorbike.

Quad Bikes – These have become very popular on islands like Greece and Malta. One such service provider is gozoquadhire.com

They offer tours and bike hire for people from 18 years of age up to 60 years of age.

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