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Rental of Bikes, and Motor Bikes

We are happy to revamp our site. We have also listened to what our customers had to say about our services and adjusted accordingly

Our prices are very robust now and cheaper than ever. ┬áLet’s take an example, if you hire a car, it costs an average of $50 per day + insurance + fuel

Is it worth renting

On the other hand if you hire a bike the charge is $10 daily, no insurance and fuel costs. Let’s take another example. Motorbike – once again, the charge is $19 daily, and you can go twice around the island with just $6 of fuel. You add $5 daily for insurance and with $30 a day you have a top quality motorbike.

Quad Bikes – These have become very popular on islands like Greece and Malta. One such service provider is gozoquadhire.com

They offer tours and bike hire for people from 18 years of age up to 60 years of age.

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